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Public Address System

PA Security System

CCTVWe provide PA Systems (Public address system) that offer high clarity in voice and more effective and clear for the listeners. These systems are provided with amplifiers, speakers and microphones. Our range of PA systems finds application in public gatherings, seminars, meetings and presentations.

Portable Public Address System

CCTVThe portable units are useful for Board meetings or Enterprises where the discussion units provide microphone and fold back facilities to the committee members . The auxiliary microphone input allows an “audience - response” - microphone and telephone interface to be added. The central unit provides an output to the House PA System. The various fixed type units provide a ready made basis for custom Boardroom applications.

Public Address System

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Public Address System (PA systems) have microphone, speakers and amplifiers. The system can be easily operated and require less maintenance. The range is used across industries for addressing the public at large level. They are available in different models and are easy and very convenient.